Toxic Addictions

(7 min. read) In my last relationship, I experienced a great deal of hurt and disappointment. Despite that, though, it always seemed like no matter what he did to me, I still loved him, and wanted to be with him. Wanting the traditional family unit had a lot to do with me wanting us...

Penny Wars

( 4 min. read) In high school, each year my school would have what we called “penny wars” in order to raise money for various charities. The object of the penny wars were for each grade level to fill 5-gallon plastic water jugs with pennies. The more jugs, the better! If any checks or...

Hi! I’m Janea. I am beyond thrilled ¬†that you are visiting my blog! (Omg, my blog! It’s still so surreal to even say!) Before you get started, visit the “About” tab. There, you will find information about me, as well as some history behind the blog. My hope is that through my story, I can change the life of at least one person. Could that person be you?


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